My Conferences & CMEs

  1. A study of treatment through post and follow-up of Tuberculosis patients at 34 national conferences of Tuberculosis Association of India, Jaipur, Rajasthan (1979).
  2. A paper on Fungus Infection in Respiratory Tract-II National Conference on Respiratory Diseases, Bombay (1982).
  3. Clinical significance of Blood and Bone Marrow in Pulmonary Tuberculosis XXXVII Conference of Association of Physicians of India, Cuttack (1983).
  4. Poster presentation on laboratory differentiation of chronic broncho pulmonary disorders at XXXVIII conference Association of Physicians of India Cuttack (1983).
  5. Presented a paper on Short – term Chemotherapy and Surgery in Pulmonary tuberculosis and attended the workshop, at Trivandrum (1984).
  6. Delivered a Guest lecture on Case finding and Case holding activities in Pulmonary tuberculosis in the Silver Jubilee Celebration of National Tuberculosis Institute, Bangalore held at Mangalore sponsored by WHO (9 Nov.85).
  7. Guest lecture on smoking and its effects-Purna Prajna College, Udipi (1985).
  8. Delivered a guest lecture on short course chemotherapy in pulmonary tuberculosis at Ayurveda College, Udipi (1985).
  9. Guest lecture in case finding and case holding activities in tuberculosis – Annual activities of NSS (National Social Service Scheme) held at Purna Prajna College, Udipi (13 Oct. 85).
  10. Participated as a delegate in VHAK (Voluntary Health Association of Karnataka) held at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal (20th April 85 to 24th April 85).
  11. Our experience with bronchoscopy in a new chest unit – First National Update on Fiberoptic bronchoscopy held at Bombay (27th April 86).
  12. Workshop on teaching and learning techniques in Medical Education – Manipal (20 Aug, 86 to 23 Aug. 86).
  13. Short-course chemotherapy in default cases of pulmonary tuberculosis XII Southern Regional Conference, Indian Pharmacological Society (1987).
  14. Conducted 1st CME on Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases a Kasturba Medical College, Manipal (1987).
  15. Computer Awareness Programme for Medical Faculty Manipal (25th Jul.87).
  16. Workshop on Control of tuberculosis and teaching for undergraduates in medical colleges – National Tuberculosis Institute, Bangalore conducted by SAARC, sponsored by WHO (5th Oct. 87).
  17. Comparison of Pentazocin Vs. Diazepam-Atropine premedication for rigid bronchoscopy – 11 national update on Fiberoptic bronchoscopy held at Madras (01 Nov. 87).
  18. Workshop on applied Immunology and Allergy held at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (27 Nov.87).
  19. Guest lecture on smoking and its effect in National College, Jayanagar, Bangalore (27th Nov.87).
  20. Guest lecture on the history and present trends in treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the National Pharmacy Week Celebration of Pharmacy College, Manipal (1987).
  21. Presented a paper entitled “A short course chemotherapy in default cases of pulmonary tuberculosis” and chaired a session on newer infection of lung 7 National Conference on Respiratory Diseases held at Calcutta (17th Feb 87).
  22. Guest lecture on smoking and its effects, organized by lions club, Visakhapatnam (May 88).
  23. Delivered a lecture on short course Chemotherapy in Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the C.M.E. Programme of Indian Medical Association at Bhadravati (Aug.88).
  24. Presented a paper on short course chemotherapy for drug defaulters in Pulmonary Tuberculosis 43 National Conference on Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases held at Calcutta (11th Dec.88 to 14th Dec 88).
  25. Presented a paper entitled Radiological Resolution of Artificially induced Lung Shadows and chaired a session of COPD: 8th National Conference on Respiratory Diseases, held at Goa Medical College, Panaji (05th Jan.89 to 07th Jan.89).
  26. Presented a paper entitled Concomitant Malignancy with Pulmonary Tuberculosis and awarded with fellowship (NCCP): 28 Annual Conference National College of Chest Physicians, New Delhi, 1989.
  27. Participated in 1st C.M.E. on Respiratory Diseases held at Calicut (4th June 89).
  28. Ninth National Congress of Respiratory Diseases, held at Hyderabad (Dec.1989)
  29. Presented a paper on comparative evaluation of Dermatophagoides pteronissinus and Farinae Sensitivity in Rhinobronchial Allergy Patients.
  30. Chaired a session of Newer Chemotherapuetic Agents in Respiratory Infections.
  31. Delivered a lecture on “Breathing Disorders of Sleep”.
  32. Third International Congress on Cardiopulmonary Diseases Conducted by the Eastern India Chapter of Medical College of Chest Physicians, held at
    1. Calcutta (Jan 1990).
  33. Delivered a lecture on Sleep Apnea.
  34. Presented a paper on Alpha-fetoprotein, Beta HCG and Prolactin in lung cancer patients.
  35. Guest lecture on Breathing Disorders of Sleep, Department of
    1. Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases, S.C.B.Medical College, Cuttack (Orissa)
    2. (9th Jan. 1990).
  36. Visiting Professor, Foothills Hospital University Calgary Canada and
    1. had training in Sleep Laboratory (22nd Jul. 1990 to 20th Oct. 1990).
  37. Attended 56th Assembly of the American College of Chest Physicians,
    1. Toronto, Canada (21st Oct. 90 to 26th Oct. 90).
  38. Guest lecture on Sleep Apnea in Asian Medical Students Association
  39. India S.D.M. College of Ayurveda College, Udipi (25th Mar 1991).
  40. Expert Committee member of Goa Public Service Commission on 21-06-1991.
    1. Presented two papers on Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy sans anxiolytics or sedatives as premedication and flexible Fiberoptic bronchoscopy as a diagnostic tool for pulmonary microfilariases. Chaired a session of role of surgery in lung diseases in 30th Annual conference of the National College of Chest Physicians at Ahmedabad (22-24) June 1991.
  41. Guest lecture on “Breathing Disorders of Sleep” Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad (7th Dec. 1991).
  42. Presented a paper on Prabhakar-Multipurpose Oropharyngeal Airway-VI National Update of Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy held at Hyderabad (8th Dec. 1991).
  43. Conducted 1st National Conference of Asian Medical Doctors Association on 22nd and 23rd Feb. 1992. Presented three papers.
  44. Knowledge and education of patients with Asthma.
  45. Sociological aspects of tuberculosis in South Canara Population-Survey.
  46. Prabhakar Multipurpose Oropharyngeal Airway.
  47. Workshop on classroom leadership and effective communication skills conducted by Dept. of Medical Education, Manipal (14th to 18th April 1992).
  48. Presented a paper on the role of External Allergies in Pulmonary Tuberculosis and chaired a session on pulmonary function test in office practice and research, first Annual Conference and National Update on Allergy. Asthma and applied Immunology held at Bangalore (16th to 18th Oct. 1992).
  49. Presented a paper on objective evaluation of Chest Skiagram in the 47th National Conference on tuberculosis and Chest diseases held at Bombay (26th to 28th Nov. 1992).
  50. Guest lecture on sleep-related breathing disorders and took part in the panel discussion on current concepts in the management of asthma at C.M.C held at St.Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore. (28th and 29th Nov. 1992).
  51. Presented a paper on “Prabhakar” – Multipurpose Oropharyngeal Airway and chaired a scientific session on Allergic Disorders-32nd Annual Conference of National College ofChest Physicians held at Varanasi (20 to 30 Aug. 1993). It is a patented product of Pran Clinical Industry.
  52. Attended the symposium “Asthma Update 93” held at Hotel Park Sheraton, Madras (28th June 1993).
  53. Guest lecture on Sleep Laboratory, Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi (2nd Sept. 1993).
  54. Lecture on Sleep and Breathing Disorders, Notradam Academy, Patna (2nd Sept. 93).
  55. Oration on Oxygen therapy and was awarded a gold medal by Tuberculosis Association, A.P. at Tirupathi, July. 1994.
  56. Lecture on Infantile Sleep Disorders, National Congress on Respiratory Diseases, AFMC, Pune, Dec. 1994.
  57. Relaxation after yoga, life style and health AIMS, New Delhi. 1994.
  58. Delivered lecture on Tuberculosis and Sleep Apneas in CME, Chest Hospital, TAIF (KSA) – 1995.
  59. X-ray Mimicry – importance of various special skiagram in chest medicine – Scientific and Research Society, BLDEA’s Medical College, Bijapur – 1996.
  60. Immotile Cilia Syndrome – A talk with case presentation – SRS, BLDEA’s Medical College, Bijapur.
  61. Conducted a workshop on Allergic Respiratory Diseases – sponsorted by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, BLDEA’s Medical College, Bijapur. Dec. 1997.
  62. Prabhakar Pump Nebuliser – A mechanical Nebuliser – Annual State Chapter, Gulbarga. 1997.
  63. Poster presentation on Domestic Garbage disposal and prevention of allergy: Annual Conference of Karnataka Community Health – IT BAGGED THE FIRST PRIZE.
  64. DOTS in “New and Retreatment patients” – presented in Global Congress on Lung Health 29 World Conference of International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Bangkok, Thialand Nov. 1998.
  65. Presented a paper on Prabhakar Oropharyngeal Airway, a patented product of “Pram Clinical Industry” at First National Conference of emergency medicine, Hyderabad, May 1999.
  66. Participated in the work shop on Modular Training Programme in RNTCP, Bijapur 13-03- 2000 to 18-03-2000 and delivered a guest lecture on history of tuberculosis.
  67. Prabhakar Pump Nebuliser – A Mechanical Nebuliser – IInd Annual Conference of Association of Emergency Medicine, Bangalore.
  68. Delivered a guest lecture on “Role of Rigid Bronchoscopy”, at the national conference of Bronchology, Lucknow (April 2004).
  69. Conducted update on Respiratory Diseases along with VB Chest Institute at Swatantra Cancer Hospital (25th November 2004).
  70. “Pranavayu” Oxynebuliser, Original research work, presented in CME of the GSL Medical College.
  71. Lecture on “Breathing Disorders of sleep” CME of the GSL Medical College.
  72. Attended work shop on Asthma and COPD conducted by CIPLA Ltd. At Mumbai on 10th October’ 2004.
  73. “Allerguard” original research product of department of Bio-Chemistry and Respiratory Medicine paper presented in the XXXVIII National Conference of Allergy, Asthma and Applied Immunology held at Bhubaneswar (17th -19th December’ 2004).
  74. Pranavayu a product of Pran clinic & co in the VI National conference of Indian Academy of Allergy at Visakhapatnam (21st – 23rd January 2005).
  75. POSTER entitled “PRANAVAYU” presented in the state chapter conference of Tuberculosis at Hyderabad (13th to 14th February 2005).
  76. “Allergard” original research product of department of Bio-Chemistry and Respiratory Medicine in the VI National Conference of Indian Academy of Allergy at Visakhapatnam on 21st–23rd January’2005.
  77. Participated in the Panel discussion of the Bronchial Asthma and co-morbid conditions in the VI National Conference of Indian Academy of Allergy at Visakhapatnam on 21st–23rd January’2005.
  78. Lectures on MDR Tuberculosis at IMA, Tanuku, COPD at IMA, Penukonda and COPD at Anand Regency, Rajahmundry.
  79. “Pranavayu” research product poster presented in the XXIX Andhra Pradesh Tuberculosis & Chest Disease Conference-2005 at Hyderabad on 19th-20th February’2004.
  80. Update and Lung cancer chaired a session and conducted the proceedings at Swatantra Cancer Hospital, Rajahmundry on 13th March’ 2005.
  81. Felicitation and Guest lecture on “Management of Pediatric Asthma” world Asthma day by IMA, Rajahmundry, on 3 rd May 2005.
  82. Conducted a work shop for the MBBS students on time management on 11th – 12th July 2005.
  83. August 21st 2005 delivered a talk on DOTS organized by RNTCP at hotel Anand regency Rajahmundry.
  84. August 21st 2005 delivered a talk on Pediatric Asthma organized by Nestle India Pvt, Ltd, hotel Anand regency Rajahmundry.
  85. December 18th 2005 delivered a talk on role of COPD, organized by IMA, at hotel Iswarya Kakinada.
  86. December 20th 2005 delivered a talk on ‘Breathing disorders of Sleep’ at Hotel Illapuram, Vijayawada, organized by CIPLA.
  87. Delivered a talk on Time and life management at Golkoda Vorthaka Sangham, Cuttack, Orissa (29th January 2006).
  88. Delivered a talk on Intricacies in R.I.C.U at IMA, Orissa (19th March 2006).
  89. Delivered a talk on ‘Cyclohale’ at IMA, Rajahmundry, organized by cipla India ltd (30th April 2006).
  90. Delivered a talk on ‘Asthma for nurses’ at GSL Medical College, on the eve of world Asthma day, organized by Cipla India (4th May 2006).
  91. Delivered a talk on ‘Strengthening TB treatment’ at hotel Anand regency, Rajahmundry organized by Lupin (18th June 2006).
  92. Participated in Platinum Jubilee of City High School, Barhampuram, Orrissa.
  93. Chaired a session in CME conducted by Godavari chest Association, Eluru ( 9th July 2006).
  94. Participated in HIV workshop conducted by GSL Medical College, Rajahmundry (July 16th and 17th 2006).
  95. Delivered a talk on ‘fortified short course chemotherapy’ in CME at Kakinada, oragised by Lupin (20th July 2006).
  96. Conducted a workshop on ‘Time and life management’ for MBBS students in GSL Medical college, Rajahmundry (27th July 2006).
  97. Delivered a talk on ‘Intricacies in RICU’ organized by Vizag chest club, Vizag (28th July 2006).
  98. ‘TOPS’ adjudged as one of the best papers, presented by an undergraduate at Muthaia Medical college, Chidambaram (28th Oct 2006).
  99. ‘Rotanebuliser’ an original research work presented at Raja Muthaian Medical college,
  100. Chidambaram (28th Oct 2006). Role of FOB in the diagnosis of smear negative and suspected cases on Pulmonary Tuberculosis, presented at Raja Muthaian Medical college, Chidambaram (28th Oct 2006).
  101. Paper entitled “Biochemical Analysis of Bronchial Aspirate (BABA)” in the National Conference of Pulmonary Diseases at Nagpur, on 1st to 5th November 2006.
  102. Fresh air Oxyneb paper presented in the National Conference of Pulmonary Diseases at Nagpur, on 1st to 5th November 2006.
  103. Fresh air Oxyneb paper presented in the National Conference of Allergy, Asthma and Applied Immunology, at Jallander (7th Dec to 10th 2006).
  104. Guset lectur on treatment of acute severe Asthma in pediatric patients in the National Conference of Allergy, Asthma and Applied Immunology, at Jallander (7th Dec to 10th 2006).
  105. Participated as a delegate in the CME on critical care, conducted by Allert hospital, Rajahmundry (8th Jan 2007).\
  106. Rational usage of inhaler devises for aerosol delivery to the pharmacists, conducted by Cipla India ltd (11th Feb 2007).
  107. Guest lecture on Roentgen Ray in pediatric pulmonology, organized by Indian Academy of Pediatrics (22nd April 2007).
  108. Conducted 30th Andhra Pradesh state T.B & Chest Diseases conference as Chairman. The poster on efficacy of TOPS Vs External spacer received the best prize award. Original research work, sponsored by ICMR.
  109. Participated in Allergy and Immunology workshop, Presented a talk on ISFI conducted by ICAAI work shop Bangalore, (Feb 15th & 17th 2008).
  110. Demonstration of ISFI, Rotanebuliser and Pranavayu in the chest club Hyderabad and participation of CME on May 17th 2008.
  111. Heart Lung Critical Care Conference, Chaired a session on devises for Inhalers and Participated in the work shop in MedRC, on 7th and 8th Aug 2008.
  112. Delivered a talk on Simulated Respiratory Medicine teaching, at ASRAM Medical College, Eluru on December 2008.
  113. Delivered a talk on Simulated Respiratory Medicine teaching, in the platinum jubilee celebrations of Medical Council of India, organized by GSL Medical College, on 10 January 2009.
  114. Participated in world T.B. day on 24th march 2009 in GSL Medical College Conducted by Swiss parenteral pvt, ltd.
  115. Presented a poster on TOPS in World Allergy Organization MEXICO, Dec2011
  116. As secy katuri academic society conducted several academic meetings and presented papers
  117. Presented interesting papers in Guntur Chest Club and Critical Care Society
  118. Delivered a talk on nanotechnology applicable to pulmonology 26 January 2014 at Maharaja Institute of Medical Sciences,vizia nagaram – sponsored by Dr. NTR University.
  119. Several lectures in the Continuing Medical Education of MNR Medical College,
    1. Sangareddy 2015-2916
  120. Started Continued Medical Education forum at the Washington University of Barbados, Barbados
  121. 2018 Delivered a lecture on “spatial Relationship of metabolomics, OSA and Diabetes Mellitus at the international conference of Molecular Genetics,metabolomics & Integrative Biology, 26-28 February,2018 ,Avani Atrium Bangkok, Thailand
  122. Invited as a Key Note Speaker for the 2nd International Conference on Integrative Biology & Medicine” on February 18-20, 2019 at Dubai
  123. Presented paper on effective utilisation of curcumin as medicament in various forms: 16th march 2020 Eastern zone geriatric conference, SCBMedical college, Cuttack, Odisha
  124. CMEs and academic meets in MNR MEDICAL COLLEGE since 2021 Feb
  125. Invitation as speaker in VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY FROM PARIS Nov 16th to 18th ,2021 –subject nanotechnology and utility of curcumin in aged people
  126. Guided three research papers on covid 19 in the above conference
  127. Invited as a speaker in the annual conference of Stemcell conference,March 10- 11,2022, Paris.